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The Top 5 Time and Money Wasters in NYC to Watch Out for

money wasters NYC

Let us talk about the tourist traps you may actually fall for in New York City. By trap, we mean the biggest time and money wasters. Here are our top 5 wasters in NYC

Junior’s Cheesecake

With no doubt, Junior’s Cheesecake is an absolute delight. However, it can be super crowded as it is right in the middle of Times Square.

The cheesecakes are super delicious however, because of the massive crowd and location you might spend at least 30-minutes in line. If you do not mind the crowd and time then the place is absolutely fantastic.

Moreover so, they have branches in NYC and Brooklyn. Find them at or go to their website – Junior Cheesecake. The price you may have to incur maybe $50.95 ea.

Junior’s Cheesecake

Little Italy

Little Italy welcomes a heavily tourist crowd. The places’ high concentration of souvenir shops and traditional Italian eateries and bakeries makes it a beautiful spot to be in. At little Italy, the locals can find authentic Italian food.

However, for every delicious cannoli that you find here, you will also encounter a high price tag on it. In addition to that there is a massive line of about a hundred tourists waiting to get their hands on that aforementioned cannoli.

As an alternative for some nice cannoli (if you do not like crowded places), you can head on to Arthur Avenue instead. Furthermore, an Italian food substitute place try Enzo’s (2339 Arthur Avenue) – a restaurant where the only thing bigger than the portions are the personalities of the warm and welcoming people who run this authentic Italian eatery (call to make a reservation).

Little Italy – NYC

High tea at The Plaza’s Palm Court

Ever heard of high-end tea? Well, the Plaza’s Palm Court’s high tea is definitely high-end. First and foremost, you need to make a reservations months in advance for an afternoon tea. Secondly, the price per person is $75. That is definitely crazy expensive.

I mean, the tea is definitely delicious. It may be a perfect place if you want to make a reservation in advance and spending more than usual.

Looking for a substitute place? You can head to Boise’s Tea Parlor in the West Village. Over there it is usually $39 per person and $75 for two people. This service includes 2 teas of your choice, 3 types of sandwiches (Available sandwiches include Farmer’s Egg Salad with thyme, Cucumber with cream cheese and dill, chicken breast with golden raisins and curried mayonnaise, Cheddar Cheese and Branston pickle, etc.), macarons, scones, and cakes.

High tea at The Plaza’s Palm Court

Shopping at 5th Avenue

Fifth Avenue is an amazing spot. But for shopping, not really. In fact, walking on the fifth avenue is a task. Fifth Avenue is a spot for everyone’s relaxed dog walk section. It is only natural to be awed by the high-end retailer stores at the place. The luxurious things like Tiffany’s are all there.

If shopping in New York City is a must-do task for you, then check out some of the city’s more budget-friendly stores; like INA NYC, Primark, and Flirt Brooklyn.

5th Avenue

The Central Park – NYC

The central park is famous tourist spot. It is no doubt that the central park is a beautiful spot for a chat and chill, and Instagram pictures. But, if you do not like the crowds then you might not enjoy your time there.

In fact, for people who want to keep away from any claustrophobic experience, it is not recommended. Furthermore, the central park is definitely not ideal for relaxing and taking a quiet afternoon for yourself due to the massive crowd.

So, for a more quiet and relaxing time, you can rather opt for Prospect park which is located in Brooklyn. As a matter of fact, Prospect Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the same two architects who created Central Park. In fact, you will find vast wooded areas, a lake, a carousel, and a zoo.

Moreover so, so will also spot a mile-long meadow. All of these beautiful features then combine to create the perfect escape from the busy insanity of the city, at least for a little while.

Central Park – NYC

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