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Silver For NYC


As the Olympics are being watched around the world, many have their eyes set on gold. Athletes from all over the world are taking part in the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro in order to win one thing, gold. With the United States having one of the biggest delegations representing it, it’s no surprise that some New York City locals are in that mix. A few weeks ago before the Olympics started, NY Rush reported on a rhythmic gymnastics athlete from New York City making her Olympic debut (Rhythmic gymnastics starts on the 20th and ends the last day of the Olympics, the 21st). Now a New York City native from the Bronx has added on to the Olympic medal count for the United States, taking home silver in fencing.

Daryl Homer, 26, knew he loved sports at a very young age, and it is then that he took on fencing. With commitment, dedication, and hard work, he achieved to become the tenth best in the world for sabre, a weapon in fencing, meaning his attacks must be quicker than foil or epee fencing. He works out endlessly to be in the best at the Fencing Club in Chelsea. No American has won silver in sabre since 1904. The endless work won him a silver at theses Olympics on Wednesday.

Although a first Olympic medal for him, this is not his first silver medal nor his first Olympics. Homer won the silver medal at the 2015 World Championships, and finished sixth at the last Olympics in London in 2012. His medal is the second silver for the United States in fencing. He wrote on twitter “Than you all. Beyond humbled. This is a win for US”.

The St John’s graduate beat Iran’s Mojtaba Abedini, in a very nail biting finish with a score of 15-14. It pushed him to the final match, and although he did not win, falling to Hungary’s Aron Szilagyi and landing with silver, his pride and determination was worth gold.

Here at NY Rush we congratulate Mr. Homer on his first Olympic medal!

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