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Tipping On Uber

Career, City Guide, Fast Money, Spotlight, The New Yorker, Transportation

For years when taking a cab, it has always been an option after paying to include a tip on your...
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Uber Approves Appeal Process for New York Drivers

Autos, Fast Money, The New Yorker, Travel • 2 Comments

Uber drivers in New York City now have the ability to appeal deactivation decisions that might have cost them their job. Uber has been...
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Cab Drivers Take A Holiday

City Guide, Spotlight, The New Yorker, Transportation

With Uber, Lyft and many others becoming new methods of transportation, it’s becoming increasingly easier to see why cabs are very...
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The Nightmare Of Hailing A Cab May Be Over

City Guide, Spotlight, The New Yorker, Transportation

Remember the days when people would say “Good luck trying to find a cab!” in the city...
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Uber offers benefits to NYC drivers

Fast Cars, Luxury Cars, Transportation

Uber and Lyft are two transportation network companies, who are in competing with each other in order to provide the drivers of New York...
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Move Over Uber and Lyft

New York Neighborhood, Transportation

With thousands of New Yorkers commuting all over the city, it is no question that ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have made a...
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