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LaGuardia Airport Rebuilds


If one is flying nationally, they are usually flying out of the famous LaGuardia airport. A business meeting, a family affair, or just traveling the country, LaGuardia airport has served New Yorkers and many Americans for many years. Now, an eight billion dollar project is transforming the airport we have all hear of or flown out of.

What is in desperate need of a renovation is finally starting to take its course. The project would be finished by 2021 and give LaGuardia airport a new and improved look, much different to the 1960’s type of look it gives one. Although is seems like a great idea and one that may cause a nightmare for travelers, it is also coming down with many complications.

The project is constantly changing ideas, and time frames as to when the matter should be finished and also the high rising cost is also an issue. The Port Authority is in charge of the plans and is becoming aware of the issues arising.

The renovations are due to begin at the end of this year. Many New Yorkers are eager to see the airport get a whole new look, as several are also contemplating the nightmare that will await them when traveling. LaGuardia airport is not meant to be as complex and large as John F Kennedy airport, the neighboring international airport. But in the past recent years, it seems as if JFK is more simple and modern than the national airport.

The news of the renovations comes as LaGuardia just announced that parking will be another nightmare this summer. The airport and Port Authority are suggesting carpooling, or getting a taxi, or ride to the airport as it begins its constructions to not only make the airport new but also to make a larger and more modern parking lot. The overcrowded lots are expected to stay full until Labor day weekend.

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