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Katie Price’s Finds Love for the 8th Time


In spite of several heartbreaks, Katie Price believed in finding true love. Katie the ‘romantic optimist’ apparently found her true love – finally!

Model and businesswoman, Katie Price, 42, accepted her eighth engagement ring from the former Love Island Contestant, Carl Woods, 32. After dating for 10 months, he decided to propose to her earlier this month. Carl Woods starred in Love Island on 2016.

Peter Andre Comments on Katie and Carl

Peter Andre and Price were married from 2005 to 2009. They have two children together.

Peter and Katie met at the show ‘I Am A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here’, more than ten years back.

Recently, Peter told OK! Magazine that he excepted wedding bells for his ex-wife.

“Pete is really happy for Katie and Carl. He didn’t know Katie was engaged but he expected they may get engaged soon and he thinks it’s great,” a source explained.

Katie told a podcast that happened last year that she does not know why Peter left her. She said she did nothing wrong.

Kieran Hayler’s Reaction

Moreover, Ms. Price married and divorced three times. Subsequently, not all her ex partners took the news positively like Pete did.

Kieran Hayler, Katie’s third husband split from Katie in 2018. In a recent interview, he did not seem happy about the news.

“Our divorce hasn’t been finalized. We are not divorced. We are technically still married. It went to court but it hasn’t been finalized yet. There are still forms we have to fill out and there’s the decree nisi that needs to go through that hasn’t been approved yet so no, we are not divorced and I don’t know why everyone keeps saying we are divorced when we’re not.” he said.

In addition to that, he seemed upset about the media saying that he is divorced.

“It’s really annoying. Everyone keeps writing we’re divorced, we’re divorced, we’re divorced, but I’m the one that’s paying for it and put it through the courts and I should be in control of telling people when we are or aren’t divorced and we are not divorced yet,” Kieran said.

However, Katie is happy about her divorce from Kieran. On March 2020, Ms. Price said she is finally ‘free’.

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